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Chloe Anagnos is the publications manager for the American Institute for Economic Research, a professional writer, digital marketer, and consultant. She also owns Argo Strategy, a content marketing and public relations consultancy focused on helping brands, companies, non-profits, and public figures communicate with their audiences. Her research has been published by The Advocates for Self-Government, America’s Future Foundation, the American Institute for Economic Research, the Foundation for Economic Education and has also appeared in The Epoch Times, National Review, ZeroHedge, Evie Magazine, and more. Anagnos has worked on marketing campaigns for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and presidential campaigns. Her great interest in economics, markets, and politics was sparked by the constant media attention centered around her hometown of Elkhart, Indiana, during the peak of the Great Recession. Anagnos earned two degrees from Ball State University in journalism and telecommunications. She travels frequently but maintains a permanent residence in Indiana. Chloe is available to speak to groups and organizations about her work and a variety of topics including free-market principles, the sharing economy, women in technology, women in business, and the liberty movement.
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