Defining Left and Right w/LB Muniz

Defining Left and Right w/LB Muniz

LB of the Been Awake podcast joined me to discuss the terms left and right. LB is a great thinker and podcaster and we wanted to dig into the essence of what the terms left and right mean politically. As Orwell noted, politics neuters language and weaponizes words, so...

I Did Not Come To Lead Lambs, I Came To Awaken Lions

Not speaking clearly may be the first problem of politics. It is much like the old axiom, often misattributed to Burke, that for evil to triumph it is only necessary for good men to do nothing. In much of the world, conservatism has been living in fear since the last...

What I Told the Montana State Senate

What I Told the Montana State Senate

Americans For Prosperity and Concerned Veterans of America had me out to give a talk to a committee of the Montana State Senate in Helena on Tuesday. Here is some of the audio. The first 15 minutes or so about how the corruption of the military industrial complex and...



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