Biden Assembles His War Pigs

Biden Assembles His War Pigs

On COI#39, Kyle talks about Biden's picks for Secretary of Defense and State. For State, Biden selected long-time aid Antony Blinken. Blinken is a career hawk who has supported wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Libya. Blinken may help push the US back into the JCPOA and...

Dangerous Times

We live in dangerous times -- and not just medically and economically. Government executives all over the world -- with a few honorable exceptions -- are exercising autocratic power, that is, power without legislative or constitutional authority, in the name of...

Trump’s Swamp

Trump’s Swamp

On FPF #333, I discuss Trump's dive into the swamp. 14 of Trump's ambassador nominations made significant donations to Trump's inauguration fund. Some of the nominations have been important posts such as Iceland and the UAE. On the campaign, Trump criticized NATO as...



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