News Roundup 3/2/2023

News Roundup 3/2/2023

US News A US intelligence report has concluded that headaches and other symptoms US diplomats have said they experienced, known as “Havana Syndrome,” is not the work of a hostile foreign power using a mysterious energy weapon. AWC Yesterday the House Energy,...

News Roundup 1/12/2022

News Roundup 1/12/2022

Covid The White House says it will increase the number of covid tests available to schools by 10 million a month. [Link] Biden tells federal agencies to begin testing unvaccinated employees weekly starting Feb 15th. [Link] Senator Marco Rubio introduces a bill that...

News Roundup 1/12/2022

News Roundup 12/15/2021

US News The LAPD worked with the Polish company Edge NPD during the George Floyd protests to monitor social media posts supporting “defund the police” and Black Lives Matter. [Link] Amtrak suspends its vaccine mandate to avoid service cuts. Less than five percent of...

News Roundup 1/12/2022

News Roundup 8/10/21

US News An Ohio judge is forcing Brandon Rutherford to get a covid vaccine as a part of his bail conditions. Rutherford pled guilty to a drug charge. [Link] Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says he will request Biden make the covid vaccine mandatory for all troops by...

News Roundup 1/12/2022

News Roundup 4/6/20

US News The FDA will allow medical staff in the US to use Chinese made KN-95 respirators. The respirators are an alternative to the N-95s. [Link] Trump invokes the Defense Production Act to prevent 3M from exporting respirators. [Link] The fired Captain of the USS T...

CDC, FDA: The Enemy

From the Wall Street Journal: America Needed Coronavirus Tests. The Government Failed. Why did the CDC prevent coronavirus testing when the outbreak started? The same reason the FBI, CIA and NSA in-effect allowed the September 11th attack on New York and Virginia; the...

We Should Be Wary Of A “Bio-PATRIOT Act”

With a new global pandemic scare, the time has come to watch out for those who would exploit it. A severe public health crisis could lead to calls for a new cabinet position, and new government powers to intervene into the personal health of American citizens. This is...

The Virus

There is an odd information gap surrounding this virus.  We can't say that it's particularly harmful yet, as essentially all patients who were treated for it outside of China seem to have recovered nicely or are recovering.  Some seem to have only ever had mild...

News Roundup 8/28/19

News Roundup 8/28/19

US News The US approves $3.3 billion in missile sales to Japan. [Link] Thailand will receive 120 armored vehicles from the US by the end of 2020. [Link] Afghanistan The Taliban say Trump's remarks about not being in a hurry to remove troops from Afghanistan slowed...



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