News Roundup 1/9/19

News Roundup 1/9/19

US News A federal judge rules the state of Oregon cannot fine a man for calling himself an engineer. The state attempted to fine the man $500. The court found calling himself an engineer was within his first amendment rights. [Link] New Hampshire police arrested a man...

Space X, Social Media and the Lost Boys

The world is full of concern and a voyeur’s inability to help the Thai soccer team and their coach trapped inside the caves of Thailand. Social Media along with traditional media is full of its share of sighs of shock and concern while the Captain Hindsight’s of...

News Roundup 4/23/18

Mitt Romney will face a primary challenger in the Utah Senate race after losing the Utah GOP Convention vote. [Link] Florida police attempt to use a dead man's fingerprints to unlock his iPhone. [Link] John Bolton hires Mira Ricardel as Deputy National Security...



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