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The Empire has us on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. The central bank has us flirting with economic-social collapse. Americans are increasingly paranoid of one another and simultaneously invested in wielding the state against one another.

The voices of the establishment are legion. The voices of dissent are few. Make your stand for liberty by supporting The Libertarian Institute today.


An America First Labor Day

An America First Labor Day

I hope you had a fun and celebratory Labor Day weekend. I’d like to speak to you about that holiday, and why it connects to the mission of Bring Our Troops Home. John L. Lewis was a labor organizer, and for forty years served as president of the United Mine Workers of...

Inflation Hits 40-Year High at 9.1%

Inflation Hits 40-Year High at 9.1%

The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics released new Consumer Price Index inflation estimates this morning, and the official numbers for June 2022 show that price inflation has risen to 9.1 percent year over year. That's the biggest number since November 1981, when the...



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