Vladimir Putin

Will This Man Prevent World War Three?

Will This Man Prevent World War Three?

In April, Tucker Carlson, the most popular show host in American news media, was unceremoniously fired from Fox News. He has since taken to the platform "X," formerly Twitter, to continue publishing his own program. Last week, during the first Republican primary...

Putin Names New Head of Ukraine Military Operations

Putin Names New Head of Ukraine Military Operations

Russia’s Ministry of Defense announced Valery Gerasimov would take over as chief of military operations in Ukraine. General Sergei Surovikin was replaced as commander of forces after three months in the post.  On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu...

Republican Rep. Michael Waltz: America Last!

“I think the vast majority of the conference realizes that we either pay now or pay later, that Russian President Vladimir Putin fully intends, if he takes Ukraine, to move on to NATO-allied countries like the Baltics, and Poland and Finland,” he told The Hill in a...

American Infallibility

Beneath the widespread stubborn American refusal to understand the Russian government's motives for its condemnable invasion of Ukraine is the equally widespread stubborn refusal to learn from the U.S. government's wrong moves with respect to Russia over the last 30...



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