The U.S.A. has broken in two as The Coasts and Flyover Country go to war over which new nation is more slavishly devoted to serving the state of Greater Israel.

The Counter Revolution

Police and fireman are a powerful force in city politics. They show up and vote. Union members are active in door-to-door politics. The politicians need them to raise revenue and protect them from the wrath of the masses. Now they are threatening their paychecks....

Uncle Joe Biden Is Really Losing It

He threatens to slap this voter for saying he's against the second amendment. Don't worry, he only wants to take away your 100 round AR-14 magazines, so it's cool.

Holy Moly

Watch Joe Biden pretend he opposed Iraq War II, that he voted to authorize it just so Bush could send inspectors back in, which is a total lie, and that he never believed or claimed that Saddam had WMDs. He was just trying to trick Bush into disproving it. What a...


I know it'll be horrible for the United States of America, and I honestly fear I might die laughing, but God I hope it's true that Hillary is running. I've been saying it all along. The rest of the field is just too weak. She must be telling herself that she's the...

Misinformed Voters

This will probably come as no surprise to regular readers of LI, but a 2018 survey on basic political knowledge revealed that the average American voter is not simply uninformed, but is systematically misinformed. The survey asked 24 questions to a sample of 1,000...

Trump Praises China for Killing Drug Traffickers

"In China, unlike in our country, the highest level of crime is very, very high. You pay the ultimate price. So I appreciate that very much." You might think a billionaire would know something about economics. I guess he's just going for that cop vote.



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