Matt Taibbi and the New Russiagate Whistleblower

Taibbi's new piece is called: "Our Man in Cambridge." It's about Stephen Halper's assistant, Steven P. Schrage, who has now written this new piece, "The Spies Who Hijacked America." Update: Steven Schrage's interview with Maria Bartiromo:...

What Trump Should Be Impeached For

From CNN This footage showing the unloading of a variety of US-made arms -- which was filmed illicitly at the offloading site, then obtained and verified by CNN -- is itself contentious. Multiple witnesses told CNN that Yemeni authorities, backed by the Saudi-led...

Year Zero: Et Tu Brute?

Year Zero: Et Tu Brute?

In Episode 70 Tommy once again looks at the Ukrainian story. Given all the crimes the US has committed, and the treatment of whistleblowers what makes this different? Quid pro quo? Or business interests? Listen to Year Zero 

Cop Nation

The government plan to turn us all into snitches. Whistleblowers help government collect billions in unpaid taxes WASHINGTON — Whistleblowers who helped the federal government collect $1.4 billion in unpaid taxes last year reaped a record $312 million in reward money...



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