Why Do Our Neighbors Support War with Russia?

by | Apr 5, 2022

Why Do Our Neighbors Support War with Russia?

by | Apr 5, 2022

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In the world today, the war in Ukraine is the worst thing happening, right? Not really, that would actually be Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, the Middle East’s poorest nation.

In the Yemen war, now beginning its eighth year, Washington and its satellites Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have been directly responsible for the callous bombing and destruction of civilian infrastructure. This ceaseless brutality combined with the Saudi’s full naval blockade, according to UN numbers, has led to more than 377,000 people killed. This figure includes the starvation deaths of at least 263,900 babies and children less than five years old.

But on TV and most everywhere else, the consensus is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine war, which the UN says has a confirmed death toll so far of just over 1,000 civilians, takes the prize.

Designedly as a result of the complicit media’s relentless war propaganda, the American people and their representatives in the government ruling them, favor more hawkish policies than those currently implemented by the Executive Branch.

The White House’s policies already threaten to start a shooting war with Moscow.

In fact, it’s so bad and our fellow Americans think Putin is so singularly evil and contemptible, that some polls are showing majority support for a NATO imposed No-Fly Zone over Ukraine. We have lawmakers vigorously supporting this same policy, which would rapidly lead to World War III. Additionally, Putin’s assassination has been called for by sitting U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham.

Americans do not think President Joe Biden has been tough enough. Why would they? Rich people in fancy clothes and makeup talk tough to them on TV every day, first thing in the morning, saying Biden is being too weak, that he should be “giving the Ukrainians the military weapons that it needs to push back the Russians and beat ‘em.”

Nobody, in their right mind, respects or has any confidence in Biden nor his regime, so unfortunately this incessant agitation is effective.

One Ukrainian born American Congresswoman, Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-Ind), who just completed her first year in office, often remarks on cable news that to “politicize” or hesitate on the issue of sending more arms and increasing military support is “stupid,” that Putin is committing a “genocide” in Ukraine, and that we should provide Kiev more than mere “forks and knives” for its war with Russia.

Since 2014, the year of Washington’s coup in Kiev, U.S. combat training and the “forks and knives” Washington has sent to Ukraine, beginning during the Trump years, have been used to attack the Donbas region’s inhabitants in a brutal war that killed more than 14,000 people.

This is the conflict that directly provoked the recent Russian invasion. Again, notwithstanding the fashionable hysteria, this U.S. bylined war’s casualty numbers dwarf Putin’s UN confirmed civilian killings thus far.

But the Congresswoman demands weak, all talk and no action Biden has to do more to support Ukraine because “if they don’t win that war, we’ll have to be fighting that war.”

This is an obvious take off on the cynical terror war propaganda and Ukrainegate favorite drilled into our heads.

The American people when polled also say they want the toughest sanctions possible inflicted on Russians regardless of what havoc is wreaked even on the American economy.

A recent Pew Research poll finds just over a third of Americans support outright war with Russia. Perhaps, we can be relieved that only twelve percent of these armchair warriors support this position with gusto.

Led by Washington, a unprecedently massive economic war against Moscow has been launched. Russia is now the world’s most sanctioned country. Worryingly, there is no indication yet that the sanctions are intended to accomplish anything other than to punish Putin, isolate, and immiserate the Russian people.

Considering what is commonly known about America’s sanctions regimes, the former end will utterly fail and only the latter will be achieved, with some boomerang effects already hurting Americans economically at the gas pump and elsewhere.

But—perhaps in some perverse tribute to the late monster Madeline Albright—almost everyone seems to agree the price is worth it.

The Biden administration has all but refused to talk with Moscow, Washington is not facilitating the efforts of other mediators, nor the bilateral Ukraine-Russia talks. Contrarily, it is actively undermining such negotiations.

You might ask why? These supposed stewards of the liberal international – rules based -world order seem so ostensibly sympathetic to the suffering Ukrainians and their telegenic fight. A more realistic interpretation is that, to the hawks in charge, Ukrainians are seen as good cannon fodder, disposable pawns to be sacrificed on the preverbal grand chessboard.

As Libertarian Institute News Editor Kyle Anzalone reports,

There is a long track record of influential foreign policy thinkers who suggested America would benefit from Russia fighting an insurgency in Ukraine.

The latest official to express the benefits of Ukrainian insurgency is US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl. He believes Russia would be weakened by the war in Ukraine. “I think with a high degree of certainty that Russia will emerge from Ukraine weaker than it went into the conflict. Militarily weaker, economically weaker, politically and geopolitically weaker, and more isolated,” Kahl said on Thursday.

The CIA has also spent several years training Ukrainians in insurgency tactics. The agency believed those it trained would be the leaders of the resistance if Russia invaded.

To the tune of more than a billion dollars since the war began, Washington is vigorously increasing military aid to the country almost every week, providing Stinger missiles, drones, and the Javelin anti-tank missiles, along with loads of other arms and equipment. In eight years, the U.S. has provided upwards of $6 billion in aid for Ukrainian security forces including $3.5 billion recently pledged to replenish weapons stocks. You and your family don’t need the money. Be patriotic, send it to Ukraine to keep this war going.

At the same time, it appears that U.S. troops are “interacting” with Ukrainian troops in Poland, training them “to fight and kill Russians,” as well as teaching them how to use the Stinger missiles to shoot down Russian aircraft.

Arms deliveries are made every day, the main hub for such transfers is in Poland where, just this past weekend, Biden made a call for regime change in Moscow and suggested U.S. troops would soon deploy to Ukraine. Despite the administration’s pathetic attempts to clean up Biden’s rhetorical messes, he has now irrevocably spilled the beans on the true aim of this multi-faceted anti-Russian campaign and escalated already skyrocketing tensions.

As Ted Galen Carpenter, longtime foreign policy expert and senior fellow at the Cato Institute, writes at Antiwar.com,

…Biden’s verbal incontinence in Poland could lead to a catastrophe. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a response to the prospect that Ukraine might someday be invited to join NATO. Vladimir Putin had warned on several occasions that such a move by the United States and its allies would cross a red line threatening Russia’s security. Moreover, the Kremlin had been increasingly concerned not only by the possibility of Kyiv’s formal inclusion in NATO, but by evidence of a mounting military partnership between the United States and Ukraine.

Moscow already is fuming about the shipments of NATO weaponry flowing into Ukraine in the midst of the ongoing war. Russian officials have warned that convoys of such weapons are legitimate targets. The Kremlin also is watching nervously as hawks in the West lobby recklessly for NATO to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine, and Putin already put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert. One hopes that Russian leaders understand that Biden is a gaffe-prone individual, and his casual comment about US troops going to Ukraine should not be taken seriously. If they did conclude that Washington’s policy was about to become even more confrontational than it is now, the consequences could be horrific.

Reports have been coming in for weeks that the U.S. is providing battlefield intelligence, possibly including  “real time” targeting intelligence to Ukraine and their military forces during this war. All of this makes America a clear belligerent in the conflict. If the shoe were on the other foot, our government would have already nuked Russia.

One paradoxical aspect of a recent poll is that, given the current situation, the vast majority of Americans fear nuclear war is becoming a significantly more likely outcome. Yet, there is no indication Americans will insist Washington hit the brakes anytime soon either.

Another odd thing is how Yemenis, Syrians, Afghanis, and Iraqis can be slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands or more in successive American wars, overt and covert, and this is somehow not seen as worse or even as bad as when Putin kills roughly a thousand estimated Ukrainian civilians.

As a nation, we have agreed to project all of our long bottled up guilt, shame, crimes, insecurities, failures, and complicity in our rulers’ myriad atrocities onto the Russian people and make them pay.

There is something deeply wrong with this picture.

The American people know their government is responsible for the crimes above and more. But they would rather risk nuclear war with Russia, over objectively lesser crimes, than to ever seriously hold their own ruling class to account for decades of savagery, plunder, mass surveillance, mass incarceration, torture, exploitation, corruption, lying, and mass murder.

Americans allegedly no longer trust the corporate media, we constantly hear this all the time from both anti-establishment optimists and the ruling elite’s alarmist liberal spokesmen and women.

But is this true? Then where is this all coming from?

We could sure use our lamented “Vietnam Syndrome” and “sickly inhibitions” against war right now.

Surely Americans don’t hate Russia and China enough to want to stoke war and blow the world up with nukes to spite them, right?

Then why poke the Russian bear in the eyes with sticks? Why encircle China with hundreds of military bases, prepare to move a long range missile network to their near abroad, openly deploy troops to Taiwan, impose more sanctions, only to maybe decouple our economies?

Do Americans really care that much about Charles Krauthammer’s “unipolar momentneocon fantasies that they too refuse to accept a multipolar world?

What did it?

Have we been so traumatized by our government’s naked totalitarianism amidst the Covid-19 crisis and lockdowns that we have been left too scared to challenge their new Cold Wars?

Was it the non-stop, paranoia inducing, Russiagate lies?

Is it the plethora of popularized “independent” media infested with its own brand of  modernized Cold War propaganda?

Could it be the constant Hitler-Putin comparisons or the false claims against China accusing them of “genocide?”

Was it the Pentagon’s 2018 National Defense Strategy that explicitly targeted Russia and China?

Did our neighbors get memos we missed?

Something is terribly wrong.

About Connor Freeman

Connor Freeman is the assistant editor and a writer at the Libertarian Institute, primarily covering foreign policy. He is a co-host on Conflicts of Interest. His writing has been featured in media outlets such as Antiwar.com and Counterpunch, as well as the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. He has also appeared on Liberty Weekly, Around the Empire, and Parallax Views. You can follow him on Twitter @FreemansMind96

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