Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman’s Awakening

Daring to Drive: A Saudi Woman’s Awakening by Manal al-Sharif A book Review by Juliet Annerino Cairo Egypt, May 2001. The ambassador's lounge at the Intercontinental Hotel. I was on break after my first set. It was the first month of my three-month contract as their resident jazz singer. The low-lit room had a long bar stretched across the back where a few affluent businessmen gathered to enjoy the music over a cocktail. I was wearing one of my silk evening gowns, sitting comfortably in a leather chair at a small table, having a drink with two business partners from different countries. The...

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War Machine: Intervention Day

The tone of the Netflix original movie, War Machine is set in the first narrative lines: “Ah, America… you beacon of composure and proportionate response, you bringer of calm and goodness to the world! What do you do when the war you're fighting just can't be won in any possible meaningful sense? Well obviously, you sack the guy not winning it and you bring in some other guy.” The sarcastic, world-weary voice we hear is the actor Scoot McNairy as “Sean Cullen,” a fictionalized version of Rolling Stone journalist, Michael Hastings. The movie is inspired by Hastings’ book, The Operators: The...

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Wonder Woman: How to Save the World

Spoiler alert: You will learn what the creators of the movie Wonder Woman suggest as the way to save the world. You will also be surprised by certain lines and messages in the movie that most people just aren’t talking about. In director Patty Jenkins’ new DC Comics movie Wonder Woman, we meet our heroine, Diana, portrayed with grace, strength and utter conviction by Gal Gadot. As a child, Diana yearns to train in the ways of the warrior. Her mother, Queen of the Amazons warns her, “You will understand why war is nothing to hope for,” giving us a glimpse of what’s to come. Diana’s halcyon...

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