News Roundup 3/30/18

News Roundup 3/30/18

  • Trump replaces David Shulkin with Ronny Jackson as Veteran Affairs Secretary. [Link]
  • An FBI whistleblower has been charged with leaking information of the FBI’s secrete guidelines for using confidential informants. [Link]
  • A Texas woman has been sentenced to five years in prison for voting illegally in the 2016 election. [Link]
  • DEA Agents being hired to work for ‘Big Pharma’ companies is leading to corruption. [Link]
  • 300,000 Volkswagens sit in ‘Auto Boneyards’ due to the emissions scandal. [Link]
  • Trump says he may hold up signing a trade agreement with South Korea until after the Trump/Kim Summit. [Link]
  • Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in will meet April 27th. [Link]
  • Yulia Skripal’s condition has improved to stable. Yulia and her father were poisoned with a nerve agent. [Link]
  • Trump says the US will be out of Syria “very soon.” [Link]
  • The Israeli military is unlikely to use F-35s in Syria. [Link]
  • France will send some Special Forces to Manbij to support the YPG. [Link]
  • Elijah Magnier breakdown the geopolitics between China and the US impact on the Syrian Civil War. [Link]
  • The Pentagon announces the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade arrives in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • A fire in a Venezuelan jail has killed at least 68 people. [Link]
News Roundup 3/30/18

FPF #174 – The Syrian War Goes On

On FPF #174, I update the Syrian Civil War. The Syrian Civil War recently passed its 7th year but remains exceptionally complex. Assad has liberated Damascus from most al-Qaeda linked factions. Turkey has conquered the Afrin District from the Syrian Kurds and now Turkey looks to move military operations to Manbij. ISIS controls various pockets around Syria. The US continues to have thousands of troops in Syria. However, Trump announced the troops were leaving very soon. 


Peace and Liberty Podcast

Liberty Weekly Podcast 

Elijah Magnier updates the Syrian battlefield 

News Roundup 3/30/18

News Roundup 3/29/18

  • A Medicare rule change will cut funding for long-term high dose opioid prescriptions. [Link]
  • Cities are passing more laws that criminalize walking. [Link]
  • A US judge rules Saudi Arabia will face trial for a lawsuit over the 9/11 terror attack. [LInk]
  • As US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton gave the Israeli government information without permission. [Link]
  • At NATO’s urging, the EU impose regulations on bridges and tunnels for its member states. The regulations will require EU countries to build bridges and tunnels to a military standard. [Link]
  • Ecuador cuts Julians Assange’s connection to the internet. [Link]
  • Elijah Magnier lays out the Syrian battlefield post-Ghouta liberation. [Link]
  • Turkey’s President Erdogan threatens to attack Manbij if the Syrian Kurds do not immediately withdraw. [Link]
  • The US admits to killing 14 more civilians in the War Against ISIS. [Link]
  • Jason Ditz explains the US is now entering Iraq War 3 1/2. [Link]
  • General Mattis admits the US is planning Saudi strikes in Yemen. [Link]
  • The UN Security Council voted to condemn the Houthi for launching ballistic missiles into Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • Reese Erlich explains the critical role of the US government in the Yemen Civil War and the failure of the Yemen War Powers Act. [Link]
News Roundup 3/30/18

FPF #173 – Kicking the Russians Out

On FPF #173, I discuss the US expelling 60 Russian diplomats. Several other countries also expelled Russian diplomats in response to an alleged Russian nerve agent attack in the UK. I look at the evidence behind the allegations and respond to US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman.

I break down new developments in the Yemeni Civil War and the Afghan War



News Roundup 3/30/18

News Roundup 3/28/18

  • Police are using dead peoples fingerprints to unlock their iPhones. [Link]
  • A Louisiana police officer records herself on her OWN body camera admitting she was conducting an illegal search. [Link]
  • The Baton Rouge police officers who were involved in the murder of Alton Sterling will not be charged. [Link]
  • Texas police shoot an unarmed man whose pants were around his ankles. [Link]
  • Trump announces he will end the deportation protections for 4,000 Liberians. Those immigrants will have 18 months to leave the US. [Link]
  • A provision in the Omnibus spending bill bans the US from giving weapons to Ukrainian Nazis. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama explains how recent missile defense failures in Saudi Arabia and Israel highlight the shortcomings of missile defense technologies. [Link] Timothy Postol reviews the historical failures of the Patriot Missile System. [Link]
  • The US budgets $705 million to give Israel for their missile defense system. [Link]
  • Kim Jong Un traves to China to meet with President Xi. [Link]
  • At least 27 Syrian civilians were killed by shelling from rebels in Eastern Ghouta. [Link]
  • The US supported Saudi war in Yemen is causing a humanitarian crisis. [Link]
  • Since the start of the Yemen Civil War, 500,000 Yemeni children have dropped out of school. At least 2,400 Yemeni children have joined armed groups. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama debunks new claims that Iran is arming the Houthi. [Link]
  • The UN Security Council votes to keep over 16,000 militarized “peacekeepers” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for another year. [Link]
News Roundup 3/30/18

News Roundup 3/27/18

  • Trump expels 60 Russian diplomats from the US for Russia’s alleged role in the UK nerve agent attack. [Link] 21 other countries will join the US and expel at least one diplomat. [Link]
  • The father of the Pulse Nightclub shooter was an FBI informant from 2005-2016. [Link]
  • An Afghan War vet was deported because he was convicted of drug charges. [Link]
  • John Bolton wants regime change in Iran. [Link]
  • Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan accuses Russia of arming the Taliban. [Link]
  • The Taliban blew up power lines cutting power to 80% of Kabul. [Link]
  • The Syrian Army is forcing the surrender of Syrian Rebel groups around Damascus. [Link] Only one Syrian Rebel group remains in Eastern Ghouta. [Link]
  • Doug Bandow explains the US attempted several different policies in Syria and the policies failed. [Link]
  • The US and UAE are carrying more joint operations against AQAP in Yemen. [Link]
  • The Houthi fired as many as seven ballistic missiles at Saudi’s capital city. At least one person was killed when an intercepted missile fell on a home. The attack occurred on the third anniversary of Saudi beginning to bomb Yemen. [Link] Saudi Arabia has blamed and threatened Iran for the attack. [Link]
  • Three US drone strikes killed a 13-year-old boy and seven other civilians in Yemen. [Link]
News Roundup 3/30/18

News Roundup 3/26/18

  • Congress passes, and Trump signs a $1.3 trillion spending plan. [Link]
  • Government regulations are slowing the growth of the food truck industry. [Link]
  • People arrested on immigration charges are alleging serious abuses at detention facilities. [Link]
  • Trump Tweets, “Obama Administration legalized bump stocks. BAD IDEA. As I promised, today the Department of Justice will issue the rule banning BUMP STOCKS with a mandated comment period. We will BAN all devices that turn legal weapons into illegal machine guns.” [Link] The Justice Department proposes changes to regulations to outlaw bump stocks effectively. [Link]
  • Germany arrested the leader of Catalonia after the EU issued a warrant for his arrest. [Link]
  • Trump announces tariffs on some Chinese technology imports. The tariffs will impact about $50 billion in Chinese imports. [Link] China announces tariffs on $3 billion in US imports. [Link]
  • A US Navy Destroyer sails near Chinese claimed islands in the South China Sea. [Link] China calls the move a severe provocation. [Link]
  • Russia announces plans to cut its military budget to under 3% of GDP. [Link]
  • North and South Korea will meet March 29th to discuss preparations for the Trump and Kim Summit. South Korea will also send some musicians to perform in North Korea. [Link]
  • John Bolton says Trump should push North Korea to denuclearize as quickly as possible. Bolton also advocated for “Libyan” style denuclearization. [Link]
  • Eli Lake lays out John Bolton’s plan for exiting the Iran Nuclear Agreement. [Link]
  • Three people have been killed in a terror attack in France. The attacker, who was also killed, said he was supporting IS. [Link]
  • 13 people were killed by the drug war in the Philippines on Wednesday night. [Link]
  • Turkish forces have killed two Americans fighting for the Syrian Kurds in Afrin. [Link]
  • Turkey has taken full control of Syria’s Afrin district. [Link] Turkish President Erdogan says that Turkey will target Syrian Kurds in the Aleppo Province. [Link]
  • Turkey beings military operations in Sinjar, Iraq. The operations are targeting the PKK. [Link]
  • 14 people were killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • In 2016, the US killed the Taliban leader who approved of peace talks with the US. [Link]
  • The Port of Hodeida remains under a ‘de facto’ blockade by Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • The US claims that a US airstrike killed two terrorists in Libya. [Link]
News Roundup 3/30/18

FPF #172 – How Bad is Bolton?

On FPF #172, I discuss Trump’s announcement that John Bolton will replace HR McMaster as National Security Advisor. Bolton continues to support the Iraq War, and he was involved in lying us into the war. Bolton has been a long opponent of the Iran Nuclear Deal. He has suggested preemptive strikes against North Korea and Iraq. Bolton supported Obama’s war in Libya. I also give some analysis of what this means for US foreign policy. 


News Roundup 3/30/18

News Roundup 3/23/18

  • The House passes a $1.3 trillion spending bill. [Link]
  • The Pentagon says US nuclear weapons will be useless unless new plutonium cores are made. There are no facilities in the US capable of producing plutonium cores. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia received a $3.5 billion discount on weapons from the Pentagon. [Link]
  • The State Department announced a $1 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia. [Link]
  • Trump announces on Twitter that HR McMaster is out as the NSA. McMaster will retire from the Army this summer. Former US Amb to the UN John Bolton will become the new National Security Advisor. [Link]
  • Gareth Porter explains why John Bolton as National Security Advisor makes war with Iran more likely. [Link]
  • Trump says it is better to get along with Russia. [Link]
  • Dutch voters voted against a nonbinding referendum that would have endorsed a proposed government plan for mass spying. [Link]
  • The US dropped charges against 11 of Erdogan’s bodyguards who attacked Kurdish protesters in DC in May. [Link]
  • Russia brokers a deal between Assad and Syrian Rebels in Damascus. Under the deal, some rebels will leave Damascus for Idlib. [Link]
  • A top Afghani adviser says he is optimistic about the peace prospects with the Taliban. [Link]
  • At least ten Yemeni civilians were killed by a Saudi airstrike. [Link]
News Roundup 3/30/18

FPF #171 – The Heroism of Ahed Tamimi

On FPF #171, I discuss Ahed Tamimi. Ahed is a 17-year-old Palestinian who was jailed for confronting an Israeli soldier who shot her younger cousin. Ahed was denied a public trail and remained in jail while awaiting trial at an Israeli military court. Ahed agreed to a plea deal and spend 8 months in prison. Ahed has become a symbol of resistance for Palestinians. I also update Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan


News Roundup 3/30/18

News Roundup 3/22/18

  • Trump looks to export more lethal drones. [Link]
  • Jeff Sessions orders federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty in some drug cases. [Link]
  • Both Houses of Congress have now passed H R 1865/SESTA. The bill makes it a federal crime to post sex ads online. [Link]
  • Ben Swann explains how a new “anti-sex trafficking” bill/SESTA will actually hurt victims. [Link]
  • New SESTA law will lead to censorship. [Link]
  • Peter Van Buren on the nomination of Gina Haspel to be CIA Director. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama breaks down the history of USSR chemical weapons research and the nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy. [Link]
  • Peru’s President resigns over corruption and vote-buying scandals. [Link]
  • Ahed Tamimi will serve eight months in prison for slapping an Israeli soldier who shot her cousin in the face. [Link]
  • Mohammad bin Salman is not a reformer. [Link]
  • The US policy in Syria is to mask the regime change operation as an anti-terror mission. [Link]
  • Maj. Danny Sjursen explains the Iraq War has been a 15-year long failure. [Link]
  • India confirms that 39 citizens were killed after being abducted by ISIS in Iraq in 2014. [Link]
  • Andrew Cockburn explains how the US helped grow the Afghan opium trade. [Link]
  • The UN reports executions, torture, and the slave trade continue in Libya. [Link]
News Roundup 3/30/18

News Roundup 3/21/18

  • The police officer who shot and killed Justine Damond has finally been charged with murder. [Link]
  • Sacramento police shoot and kill a young man. Police report mistaking a cell phone for a gun. The two police officers shot the man 20 times. [Link]
  • The Senate votes to kill the Yemen War Powers Act 55-44. [Link]
  • Trump called Putin to congratulate him on his reelection. The call went well and the two plan to discuss the arms race. [Link]
  • Ray McGovern discuss the Russiagate leaks. [Link]
  • An Israeli appeals court denies Ahed Tamimi’s request for a public trial. [Link]
  • The Iraqi government will allow Turkey to carry out operations on the Iraqi border. The operations will target the Kurds. [Link]
  • The Islamic State captured a neighborhood in Damascus from the Syrian Army. The Syrian Army recently took the neighborhood from a Syrian rebel group. [Link]
  • Airstrikes hit several civilians targets in Eastern Ghouta. A school was among the targets destroyed and dozens were killed. Russia is being accused of carrying out the strikes. [Link]
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