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The Empire has us on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. The central bank has us flirting with economic-social collapse. Americans are increasingly paranoid of one another and simultaneously invested in wielding the state against one another.

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16 Simple Steps to Deal with Future Respiratory Virus Pandemics

Without a need for massive government intervention in the form of lockdowns, vaccines, immigration controls, or contact tracing. In fact, there is no particular reason why people and institutions in a libertarian society would not be able to implement the common sense measures below in a bottom-up way. Cancel events with large crowds, especially indoor events (but keep beaches, parks, cities, playgrounds etc open). Avoid closed or poorly ventilated spaces where multiple people spend a prolonged period of time, especially when they are laughing, singing, shouting or talking. When it’s not...

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For the ‘There Are No Libertarians In a Pandemic’ Crowd

Many Western governments failed in a grotesque manner in their preparation for this or any other pandemic: 1) They failed to stock up on (or build production capacity for) the medical equipment (eg ventilators) and capacity, as well as personal protective equipment (eg face masks) that would be needed in almost any pandemic 2) They did not set up an even remotely effective testing & tracking system 3) They failed to provide the public early on with some very simple but (see below) highly effective guidelines individuals, businesses and organizations can use to protect themselves and the...

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Ten Reasons the COVID-19 Threat May Be Inflated

COVID-19 is a very serious problem that should be taken very seriously by individuals, organizations, businesses and governments but there are ways in which the public may get an exaggerated sense of the threat: 1. In general: Once a dominant narrative is formed (in this case: Covid-19 as huge threat) reporting will be more inclined to cover things that fit that narrative & ignore/dismiss things that seem to contradict it: The evidentiary standards for reporting that fits the narrative will be lower than for reporting that contradicts it. 2. Reporting focuses on *expected* problems...

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Covidonomics: What Will the Covid-19 Crisis Do to Our Political Economy?

The Covid-19 crisis is fueling a race to find solutions for the problem while also shutting down large parts of the economy and giving governments enormous economic powers. Except for wartime mobilization, this situation is unprecedented. In this article I discuss fifteen major potential negative consequences of the crisis. 1. Small, independent businesses will decrease as a share of the economy Small, independent businesses will tend to be the first to collapse because: · they typically have smaller reserves than big companies · they typically have less access to stimulus funds · they...

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Populism for Peace

Populism for Peace

A populist pro-peace movement could end the empire without even trying. The US foreign policy establishment has inflicted unspeakable horrors on the world. And it has done a remarkable job of rationalizing these horrors or — even more effectively — directing the American public’s attention away from them. Foreign policy horrors are simply not an important issue for most American voters. Voters care about issues that directly impact their own lives. But to overthrow an establishment you need a populist movement. None of the special interests within the establishment stand to benefit from...

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