News Roundup 11/28/17

by | Nov 28, 2017

  • Rep. Conyers steps down as ranking Democrat of House Judiciary Committee. [Link]
  • The Pentagon is trying to make a report on sex abuse in Afghanistan classified. [Link]
  • US reverses decision to close PLO office in DC. [Link]
  • Protests have started in Pakistan. The Pakistani military attempted to use force to end the protests leaving 250 injured. The Pakistani military announced they would not use force to end protests. [Link]
  • Pakistan’s Law Minister has resigned. Protest leaders are now calling for an end to protests. [Link]
  • Israel is attempting to block a UN report condemning Israel’s settlements. [Link]
  • Israel looks to pass a law to protect Prime Minister Netanyahu from corruption charges. [Link]
  • The US admits to having 9,000 troops in Iraq. That number could be higher as the US has 29,000 troops deployed around the world without listing their location. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia allows some humanitarian aid to enter Yemen. Many ships continue to be blocked by Saudi Arabia from providing aid to Yemen. [Link]

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