News Roundup 1/25/2023

News Roundup 1/25/2023

Russia The Biden administration is now leaning toward sending its M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine despite recent comments from Pentagon officials about how they would be difficult for Ukrainian forces to maintain, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. AWC The risk of...

Resisting Tyranny, Colonial Style

Resisting Tyranny, Colonial Style

As the British put increased pressure on the American colonists in an effort to force them into submission, the colonists backed up their increasingly forceful rhetoric with concrete actions to undermine British authority. The colonists began perfecting this formula...

News Roundup 1/25/2023

News Roundup 10/18/2022

Haiti The US has drafted a UN Security Council resolution calling for the deployment of an international force to help the Haitian government quell protests and unrest, the Washington Post reported on Saturday. AWC The US and Canada sent Haiti armored vehicles and...



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