Saudi Arabia

News Roundup 1/27/2023

News Roundup 1/27/2023

US News Released this week as part of an effort to kickstart his presidential campaign, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo caused considerable controversy in addressing, and ultimately dismissing, Saudi Arabia’s 2018 assassination and dismemberment of Washington...

News Roundup 1/27/2023

News Roundup 1/13/2023

Russia Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said last week that Ukraine is “shedding blood” for a “NATO mission” in candid remarks about the relationship between Kyiv and the Western military alliance. AWC Poland’s president said Wednesday that Warsaw has...

News Roundup 1/27/2023

News Roundup 12/18/2022

Kosovo Serbia has formally asked NATO if it can deploy up to 1,000 troops into northern Kosovo, where Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says ethnic Serbs are being “terrorized” by the Kosovo government based in Pristina. AWC Russia The Senate on Thursday night passed...

9/11 Deep Dive Pt 7: Saudi Arabia w/Adam Fitzgerald

9/11 Deep Dive Pt 7: Saudi Arabia w/Adam Fitzgerald

Adam is back to discuss the Saudi links to 9/11, the famous 28 pages, Saudi’s lobby and power over the US, and the internal disputes facing Saudi Arabia that could reveal secrets about the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia. The Darkened Hour Discord Year...



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