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The Rule of Law or CIA Coup?

It's pretty obvious. Americans should support the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump, but not for Ukrainegate. In fact, they should oppose his impeachment on Ukrainegate grounds completely. Trump’s real offense is waging an un-authorized,...

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To End the Wars, Attack the Right From the Right

Sadly, the antiwar and anti-national security state inclinations of American liberals and progressives have weakened since the days of President George W. Bush. Partisan incentives during Barack Obama’s presidency combined with the FBI-CIA-Democratic Party-media plot...

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Coming to Palestine by Sheldon Richman

The Libertarian Institute is proud to announce the publication of our latest book, Coming to Palestine, by our heroic executive editor, Sheldon Richman. In this incredible volume of essays, collected over 30 years, Sheldon Richman exposes the true history of Israeli...

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Fighting the Last War

Reprinted from America is still fighting the last war. I admit to having a bit of the same problem. I’m now working on a new book to follow-up my previous one about the war in Afghanistan. The tentative title is Enough Already: Time to End the War on...

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Reprinted from The question, “Now what?” seems appropriate today. First of all, R.I.P. Justin Raimondo. As Tom Woods said, Justin was the soul of this site. Despite popular misunderstanding, he was not the editor or webmaster (that’s me, Jason Ditz and...

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Mueller Report: It Was All a Bunch of Nothing

Update: so no strangers around here get the wrong idea: Trump should be in the Supermax with Barack Obama for genocide in Yemen. Neither I nor the Institute have any partisan favor for or even against him. Just the same bias against all presidents, especially in...

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FPF #254 – Close Call in the South China Sea

On FPF #254, I discuss a close call between US and Chinese Navy ships. The US ship was conducting a 'freedom of navigation' mission in waters claimed by China. The Chinese ship carried out maneuvers that brought it very close to the US ship. I review the history of...

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The Great Ron Paul, Smeared Again

So a staffer working for Ron Paul made a terrible mistake today and tweeted out a picture which included very ugly stereotype caricatures of Jews, blacks and I'm not sure who-all. They deleted it immediately after followers replied pointing out the caricatures at the...

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Goodbye, Will Grigg

Will Grigg, our good friend, and the Institute's Managing Editor, has died. Here's a little thing I recorded about it. To help support Will’s large family, you can donate to his family fund.

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Blame Wilson

This article originally ran at, April 23, 2005. “[America] goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will commend the general...

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The Obama Legacy

Scott Horton joins Comic Dave Smith's Part of the Problem podcast to discuss the Obama presidency and what it means for his legacy. He and Dave get into Bush & Obama's wars, Bin Laden, ISIS, and more!

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The Scott Horton Show

Scott Horton

Scott Horton is director of the Libertarian Institute, editorial director of, host of Antiwar Radio on Pacifica, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles, California and podcasts the Scott Horton Show from He’s the author of the 2017 book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan and editor of The Great Ron Paul: The Scott Horton Show Interviews 2004–2019. He’s conducted more than 5,500 interviews since 2003. Scott lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, investigative reporter Larisa Alexandrovna Horton. He is a fan of, but no relation to the lawyer from Harper’s. Scott’s Twitter, YouTube, Patreon.

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