Ever Changing Focus of Socialism

I was watching a YouTube video by a socialist, and a thought occurred.  Here was one of these intense, intellectual type leftists.  His analysis was full of highly sophisticated ideological positions, and a lot of buzzwords.  I compared this video to similar screeds,...

Free Markets Reduce Consumption Inequality

Free Markets Reduce Consumption Inequality

How’s this for irony? While progressivism and socialism promise free goods and services but never deliver, markets deliver all the time. Free stuff in the marketplace? It sounds counterintuitive, and we’ve heard that “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” But in...

Storm Clouds and False Silver Linings

Storm Clouds and False Silver Linings

As incurable optimists, human beings look for silver linings in the darkest of clouds. It’s an admirable trait, but some silver linings are illusions. Spotting them requires the economic way of thinking. In the wake of a natural or manmade disaster, such as Hurricane...



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