Black Lives Matter

Oh, the Irony!

People on the big-government left who are distraught over the condition of black lives in America are logically committed to opposing the police and teachers unions -- whether or not they realize it. That is because the first indispensable steps in the direction of...

BLM Protesters Sit In at Kentucky AG’s House, Arrested

87 people were arrested and charged with felonies(!) for sitting in at the Kentucky Attorney General's house to let him know that he better charge the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor. (ACLU is protesting against the felony charges. They're almost sure to be dropped.)...

Oh Cool, #SWAT is Trending!

I wonder if the Black Lives Matter people have a new effort focusing on banning SWAT Team night raids...! Oh.

You Love Government So Much

Don't you? Yeah, you do. Don't lie. What would we ever do without them, you cry. Update: "Half of all black kids in the U.S. will receive a visit from child services, according to one study by the American Journal of Public Health." HALF. "Prior to this [happening to...



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