Civil War

121: Maoists Take Over BLM

121: Maoists Take Over BLM

Tommy discusses how black community leaders see Antifa infiltration, the Maoist elements calling for revolution, and the conservative response.

Civil War – Inspired By Virginia

So, there are some libertar-ee-uns who call the Civil War the war of "Northern Aggression" or "Between The States".  Etc. But it was truly a Civil War.  I can defend this. Both sides of the war celebrated the motherf***--- Fourth of July.  Both sides named towns after...

Rand Paul Blocks Schumer

Senator Rand Paul stopped an attempt by Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer from bringing a resolution to advance the senate vote on the house resolution to reverse President Trumps withdrawal of U.S. troops in Syria. Under Senate rules any one senator can try to set...

Yemen’s Houthi rebels are not Iran proxies

Samuel Ramani writes in the Washington Post that the Houthi rebels targeting of Saudi oil facilities has more to do with internal Houthi issues than with any desire to retaliate against US sanctions on Iran. Although Houthi drone strikes can be plausibly explained by...



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