The Afghan War: A Photographer’s Journal

The Times photographer Tyler Hicks, who chronicled the 20-year war, captured American troops in battle, the deaths of civilians, schoolgirls in class and the struggles of ordinary Afghans to survive. One of the first things the New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks...

Five Myths About Drone Warfare

Myth 1. It's "precision bombing" Myth 2. Drone warfare is ethical Myth 3. If the war is legal so is the weapon Myth 4. Drones are a triumph of technology Myth 5. Drones are effective Aerial bombardment has not created peaceful states, nor defeated IS, nor stopped the...

News Roundup 9/8/21

News Roundup 9/8/21

Korea South Korea developed a new submarine-launched ballistic missile. [Link] Afghanistan The Taliban named a new temporary government. It is led by Mullah Akhund and the interior minister is sanctioned by the US. [Link] UNICEF is attempting to reunite hundreds of...

News Roundup 9/8/21

News Roundup 12/7/20

US News The city of Phoenix will pay $3 million to the family of Ryan Whitaker. Ryan was murdered by police for no reason as the police responded to a noise complaint. The officers who murdered Ryan have not been fired. [Link] The US sold $175 billion in weapons in...

News Roundup 9/8/21

News Roundup 11/2/20

US News A planned Wisconsin Foxconn factory, championed by Trump, has failed to produce the jobs it promised after receiving billions in subsidies. [Link] Trump approved the sale of F-22s to Israel. [Link] Legendary journalist Robert Fisk passed away at 74. [Link]...



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