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War of the Worlds: COVID Edition

War of the Worlds: COVID Edition

In the H.G. Wells classic movie War of the Worlds (the 1953 original, not the trash Spielberg 2005 version) Martians invade Earth and vaporize an unprepared humanity. We're introduced to our protagonists, who are post-war atomic scientists living in Southern...

C.J. Hopkins: Global Cap Year Zero

"Or … I don’t know, this is just a crazy idea, you could turn off the fucking corporate media, do a little fucking research on your own, grow a backbone and some fucking guts, and join the rest of us “dangerous extremists” who are trying to fight back against the New...

C.J. Hopkins: The War Is Over …..Globocap Triumphs!

OK, so, that was not cool. For one terrifying moment there, it actually looked like GloboCap was going to let Russian-Asset Hitler win. Hour after hour on election night, states on the map kept turning red, or pink, or some distinctly non-blue color. Wisconsin …...



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