Pete Quiñones is Leaving the Institute

As some of you may have already learned, managing editor Pete Quiñones will be leaving the Institute on December 31st. Personally, I still love the guy and plan on remaining good friends. (And for the record, I do not blame him for the recent doxing of a couple of our...

The Antiwar Comic: What Position?

Hey all! I'm back with some more comics! We never really stopped, but if you want to get caught up this is the next comic below click thru at the Webcomic Factory for the rest. It was interesting doing Antiwar Comics during the Trump era, since he seemed to be trying...

Joe Biden is Woodrow Wilson After the Stroke

Though in all honesty, he's only killed a couple million people whereas Wilson ended up giving birth to Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Just as brain dead though.

Drone Footage: Maduro Rally Dwarfs Guaido’s Protesters

From May 1st, 2019 May Day in Caracas, Venezuela. This is for you @marcorubio. — Vijay Prashad (@vijayprashad) May 1, 2019 Tengo este vídeo en HD, para quienes piensen que es un montaje, que es viejo, o para algún medio de comunicación que...

Chomsky on Russiagate: Don’t Be Stupid

Here's some more Chomsky from a couple weeks ago on what he called the "farcical" fixation on Russiagate and Trump/Russia collusion. Twitter often distorts the critical difference between establishment liberalism & leftism so Chomsky is great to listen to on all...

The Impact of War

George O'Neill Jr. of the Committee for a Responsible Foreign Policy has been hosting antiwar events in Washington, D.C. for the past couple of years, including one last October when I gave a speech about the war on terrorism. The transcripts of all these events are...

The Onion Calls It: John McCain Edition

So, I think they published this in the "John McCain will die soon but hasn't died yet" phase of the news cycle a couple of days ago.  Still, The Onion killed it. "John McCain Requests His Ashes Be Launched Into Iraq" You know, one last hurrah.  Apropos, when Bush or...



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