Russiagate is Horseshit

A fan of the show wrote wanting to know how can I not see what a Russian agent Trump is? Well: Popodopolous had no knowledge of any Russian anything. The guy who set him up was not a Russian agent, but MI-6. Carter Page was a CIA asset, not a Russian one. And they...

Why Americans Want A President Who Ends Endless Wars

It looks like the Corporate Democrats haven't gotten the message based on their highly visible parading of Bush Republicans and neocons at the DNC virtual convention.       At The National Interest: Why Americans Want a President Who Ends Endless Wars A...

News Roundup 8/10/20

News Roundup 8/10/20

US News An Oregon teenager was fined $1,500 for trying to make extra money selling Mexican street corn. [Link] Joe Biden personally intervened in the DNC platform to keep it from labeling the Israeli theft of Palestinian land as an occupation. [Link] China The US is...

News Roundup 8/10/20

News Roundup 7/29/20

US News The DNC defeated a proposed change to its platform that would have called for the legalization of marijuana. [Link] Twitter suspended Donald Trump Jr. for posting a video of doctors talking about Covid. [Link] Charlotte police suspected a wanted man was hiding...

News Roundup 8/10/20

News Roundup 4/29/20

US News Kentucky parents are being investigated for child abuse for failing to practice social distancing. [Link] Trump dossier author Christopher Steele met with DNC lawyers before publishing the report. The DNC provided Steele with the information about an alleged...

More Russiagate Bullshit

So the GOP-dominated Senate Intelligence Committee says the CIA was right, says the Washington Post. Omitted so far from what I've read is any actual reason to believe so besides the old "Even Republican Senators are repeating CIA claims! Wow, they must be true!"...

News Roundup 8/10/20

News Roundup 3/9/20

US News Trump names Congressman Mark Meadows as his chief of staff. Mick Mulvaney is out as acting chief of staff. [Link]The DNC changed its debate rules to prevent Tulsi from joining Bernie and Biden on the debate stage. [Link]The Pentagon informs Congress it plans...

News Roundup 8/10/20

News Roundup 3/5/20

US News Tulsi Gabbard received at least one delegate on Super Tuesday. Recent Democratic Party debate rules have allowed all candidates with at least a delegate to participate in the debate. There is now concern the DNC will alter debate rules to prevent Tulsi from...

News Roundup 8/10/20

News Roundup 2/5/20

US News A high dollar supporter of Mayor Pete is behind the group - Shadow Inc - that produced the app that caused major delays in producing the DNC Iowa Caucus results. [Link] The 25 mm gun on the F-35 is still unacceptably inaccurate. [Link] A veteran in a Facebook...



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