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News Roundup 5/14/21

News Roundup 5/14/21

US News Mike Treacy details some of the “crimes” people were issued tickets for during the covid lockdowns. Some of the reasons were as benign as hanging out and sitting in the park. [Link] A police dog found drugs every time it was brought to check a car. Other dogs...

Abusing Amber Alerts

From South Texas parents wanted in abduction of their 5 children; AMBER Alert issued "CPS officials were going to take custody of the children because of the parent’s involvement with drugs, sheriff’s officials said." So they abuse the Amber Alert system,...

Cops Kill Lady

Well see, the "criminal interdiction squad" was breaking into a woman named Breonna Taylor's house in the middle of the night to serve a search warrant -- looking for drugs -- that was connected to an arrest warrant for a man who had already been arrested 10 miles...

Police: Criminals

Every single day without fail the Free Thought Project site has stories of police atrocities committed against the American people. Here they beat the hell out of an old man for fun. Here they plant drugs on an innocent man. Here they kidnap small children and turn...

How About Some Accountability

For cops that break the law and send innocent people to jail. Jason Arbeeny, a fourteen-year veteran of the NYPD, was convicted of planting crack on a innocent couple, but avoided jail yesterday with a teary apology. “I can’t look at myself in the mirror anymore,”...



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