Cop Kills Man

Hands up, don't shoot. Says here the guilty murderer cop, Joseph Lamantia, once murdered a man with a spatula. This victim had no weapon at all. I hope his sister is proud of herself for calling the Gestapo to murder her brother.

Cops Break 10-Year-Old Autistic Boy’s Arm

Oops. His mom made the terrible mistake of calling 911 on her own son. Well, she asked for an ambulance, but they sent the Gestapo. There will be no accountability for the criminal police officers. They may commit any crime they feel like because they are government...

Cops Almost Kill Kid

Get this: a 13-year-old autistic kid is having a temper tantrum, so what does his mother do? She calls the Nazi Gestapo Stormtroopers of Death to take care of it for her. So they show up and one of them shoots the kid "several" times in the back for running away. For...

Cop Kills Woman

Jeez. I wonder if my neighbor is okay. ... I better call the Nazi Gestapo Stormtroopers of Death to make sure everything is alright over there. ... Oops.

‘It’s Pain Compliance’

Parents send their child to government school. Chaos ensues. Jeez, Honey, I don't know. The Gestapo sure has murdered a lot of people this year. But they're still the best game in town when it comes to teaching our kids how to read. Who else is going to do it, us?...

Hope You’re Happy, Lady

A woman called the Gestapo to seize her brother's guns. On her word of unspecified "danger" alone, as is now the law in Maryland, the cops came right over and killed him to death. And so the fantasy of government as peacemaker comes right up against the reality of who...



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