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News Roundup 10/30/20

News Roundup 10/30/20

US News Glenn Greenwald resigns from the Intercept after editors censored his article. [Link] Biden says he would never suggest withdrawing US troops from South Korea. [Link] France French President Macron announces he will deploy 7,000 troops within France to defend...

Attempting to Rein in the Killer Cops

Attempting to Rein in the Killer Cops

On FPF #505, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss efforts to rein in the police. The recent weeks of protests have produced 100s of videos of police murdering and assaulting people. The police have committed these crimes with a very small chance of facing any...

Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil

Breaking in the New York Times. Note that this is the same as Trump's case against Julian Assange: The recipient and publisher of a leak is a co-conspirator with whoever did the leaking. It's a war against honesty in language first and foremost, and it's a threat to...

Chomsky on Russiagate: Don’t Be Stupid

Here's some more Chomsky from a couple weeks ago on what he called the "farcical" fixation on Russiagate and Trump/Russia collusion. Twitter often distorts the critical difference between establishment liberalism & leftism so Chomsky is great to listen to on all...

Congress Votes to End War

Congress Votes to End War

On FPF #323, I discuss Congress passing the Yemen War Powers Bill. The bill calls for an end of the US involvement in the Saudi-led war against Yemen. The bill continues to face hurdles and Trump has threatened to veto the bill. I explain what is in the bill and why...

Congress Votes to End War

FPF #293 – Trump Wavers on Syria

On FPF #293, I discuss Trump seeming to waver on his decision for a rapid withdraw of US troops from Syria. CNN reports a Pentagon official says the US troop withdraw from Syria will take 120 days.  I cover what we know about the arrest of US citizen Paul Whelan in...



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