Re: Of Course She Is

Steve, re: “I have every reason to believe that Trump is not going to go, you know, silently into the night if he loses,” Hillary said. I wonder if she's referring to something like this?: That strategy had been set within twenty-four hours of her concession speech....

News Roundup 6/25/20

News Roundup 6/25/20

US News Jamaal Bowman defeats high ranking House Democrat Elliot Engel. [Link] A black man in Michigan was wrongfully arrested after being identified by facial recognition. He was held for 30 hours before being released on bail. [Link] The FBI doubles down on...

Greenwald Interviewed on His Charges

In The New Yorker: The case against you relies in part on the claim that you helped in “facilitating the commission of a crime.” Did you do anything to encourage the hacking of cell phones or other devices? No. In fact, when the source first talked to me, he had...

News Roundup 6/25/20

News Roundup 1/22/20

US News Illinois changes a law that suspended driver's licenses for unpaid parking tickets. [Link] Reports say Trump will add seven countries to his travel ban list. [Link] Iranian students with valid visas are being detained when they get to the US and some of them...

Assange Now Charged With Espionage

He faces 170 years. The indictment is garbage. It begins by citing public requests by Wikileaks for classified documents from a number of governments. As though this is different in kind from what any investigative reporter might do. (Please assume the term...



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