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The Santa Clause Mindset

The Santa Clause Mindset

What kind of imbecile would believe that everyone can acquire and consume massive amounts of resources for "free"? A child that's who. How can someone say "education should be free"? Are all the teachers unpaid volunteers? Did the construction workers who built the...

Get Rid of the Cops? Hooray!

NYT: Not so fast: Advocates for police reform are making the case that the phrase “defund the police” doesn’t mean what many people think it means. “Be not afraid,” Christy E. Lopez, a Georgetown University law professor, wrote in The Washington Post. “‘Defunding the...

New York Tax Revenue Plummeted 68% In April

From Bloomberg This is just April and just in New York. This will happen all over the country. My guess is that these lockdowns will end when state and local governments have to start letting people go and renegotiating pension contracts. "The Empire State collected...



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