News Roundup 12/27/21

News Roundup 12/27/21

Covid Massachusetts halts all elective procedures. [Link] The USS Milwaukee will remain in Cuba after several sailors tested positive for Covid. [Link] USAID is running out of money to distribute covid vaccinations. [Link] The US donates 1.5 million vaccine doses to...

911 is a Joke

The CDC should be abolished immediately. Total incompetence. Criminal negligence. “It’s not our culture to intervene,” said Dr. George Schmid, who worked at the agency off and on for nearly four decades. He described it as increasingly bureaucratic, weighed down by...

See, That’s How They Getchya.

Cops are crazy-violent as hell, so we need them to wear body-cameras. Watch them turn the cameras off in the middle of violating innocent people. But then, ... Oh, so you like body-cameras on cops, eh? Well now you've just lost even more freedom than before.

Cops Kill Lady

“Window Into Hell”: Mother of Five Dies After Four Days in Solitary Confinement She was not charged with any crime. Just murdered. But don't worry about the state of the country needing your attention or anything. This particular individual in jail is of no direct...



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