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Dozens Of Aid Groups Urge Yemen Ceasefire Extension

AFP: More than 40 humanitarian groups on Thursday called for an extension to the ceasefire in war-torn Yemen, calling it a "critical moment" for the country. Ahead of the truce's current expiration date on Sunday, 44 aid agencies issued a joint statement to "remind...

Afghanistan Is Now Facing Mass Starvation Sharyn Alfonsi: Some of the humanitarian workers we spoke to said that the country is on the verge of its worst humanitarian crisis ever. Do you believe that to be true? Dr. Qalandar Ebad: We are on the edge of...

5 Years of US/Saudi War Made Yemen Susceptible to Coronavirus Crisis guest Joanne Leon

Another Saudi Failure in Yemen

On FPF #387, I discuss Saudi losing the second capital of Yemen to southern separatists. The southern separatists were long allies of the Saudis in the war against the Houthi. However, the separatists recently went to war against the Saudi-backed government in Yemen...

FPF #209 – Killing Yemen

On FPF#209, I recap the Yemeni Civil War. The war has raged since the Saudi-led coalition began its bombing campaign in 2015. The war has devastated the people of Yemen and sparked the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet. The people of Yemen are subject to a...

New Bipartisan Effort in Senate to Stop the War in Yemen

Progressive Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and libertarian-leaning Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) have introduced new legislation this week that would end US support in the Yemen War. It's unclear if the legislation will be allowed to come to a...

Genocide in Yemen

While every idiot in America is wrapped up in this Russiaghazi horseshit, the greatest purveyor of violence on the face of the earth -- your own government -- continues its war of starvation against the civilian population of Yemen. UN: "Almost three years into the...



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