Inauguration Day

The Insurrection That Wasn’t

The Insurrection That Wasn’t

Somebody still needs to get a memo to the Justice Department about the so-called insurrection at the Capitol on January 6 because it has yet to charge anyone with that offense. All I is see is a range of criminal offenses like disorderly conduct, assault, trespass,...

News Roundup 5/20/20

News Roundup 5/20/20

US News Senator Rand Paul says no-knock warrants should be abolished. [Link] Sam Jacobs explains how civil asset forfeiture has led to rampant police abuse and policing for profit. [Link] An email from Susan Rice from inauguration day has been released. The email...

The Antiwar Comic: The Russians Are Coming!

Will this election end?  I'm sure we're all going to have lots to criticize the Donald about in the coming months, but Democrat Deadenders are really making it difficult with this nonsense.  I mean, if they stopped to think about it, do you really want to trust the...



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