James Comey

Abolish the FBI

Abolish the FBI

As a libertarian, let me make my position clear with respect to the FBI: It should be abolished, not reformed or reined in. That’s because in a free society there is no national police force. Criminal justice, along with all the power a criminal-justice system...

News Roundup 1/16/19

FBI Investigates Trump Glenn Greenwald breaks down the FBI investigation of Trump following the firing of James Comey. Greenwald explains how the investigation turned up nothing and was dangerous. He highlights the failures in the mainstream media’s coverage of the...

News Roundup 7/9/18

The head of the National Endowment for Democracy tells Congress the organization plays the long game and pursuits regime change. [Link] Max Blumenthal explains the friendly relationship Congress has with people connected to neo-Nazi movements in Ukraine. [Link]...

News Roundup 6/8/17

Trump is offering to help repair the relationship between Qatar and other GCC countries. Trump previously took credit for causing the rift in the relationship. [Link] James Comey and Robert Mueller have dark pasts tied to the post 9/11 terror war. [Link] Dennis...

Comey Fired…Now Fire The FBI!

Yesterday's sudden termination of FBI Director James Comey sent shockwaves worldwide. The wildest conspiracy theories were served up in the mainstream media. What no one discusses, however, is that the problem is with the system, not with who happens to run it. Do we...

News Roundup 5/10/17

Trump fires FBI Director James Comey. [Link] 250 refugees fleeing North Africa for Europe are missing and feared dead. 1,300 people are believed to have died making the trip this year. [Link] South Korea elected Moon Jae-in to be president. Moon said he will look to...



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