9/11/20 Aaron Maté on the Deep State’s Many ‘Russiagate’ Lies

9/11/20 Aaron Maté on the Deep State’s Many ‘Russiagate’ Lies

Aaron Maté revisits the many lies on which the ‘Russiagate’ probe into Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency was founded. Maté calls the whole story what it is: a conspiracy theory. The only way someone could find all the far-fetched and flimsy pieces of evidence credible is if they were already convinced beforehand and had to make every new development fit their narrative. In particular, Maté focuses on the way figures like Joseph Mifsud and George Papadopoulos, though initially the entire basis for the FBI’s probe into Trump’s campaign, were quickly abandoned as the allegations became less and less credible. One might think that as the foundation crumbled, so too would the entire investigation, but instead officials like James Comey and Peter Strzok and their cheerleaders in the media simply move on and never talk about these embarrassing exposures.

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Aaron Maté is a former host and producer at The Real News and writes regularly at The Nation. Follow him on Twitter @AaronJMate.

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