James Comey

News Roundup 2/16/21

News Roundup 2/16/21

US News Missouri sent letters to 46,000 residents demanding the repay money the state said it over-paid in unemployment. [Link] Ohio police arrested a mother of two for leaving her ten and two year old children home alone while she was at work. [Link] Biden has...

Exile For James Comey

Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Rosenstein, Weissman and all their families should be stripped of their property and banished from the United States of America forever for their treason against the American people and U.S. Constitution. (Don't...

News Roundup 2/16/21

News Roundup 5/20/20

US News Senator Rand Paul says no-knock warrants should be abolished. [Link] Sam Jacobs explains how civil asset forfeiture has led to rampant police abuse and policing for profit. [Link] An email from Susan Rice from inauguration day has been released. The email...

Impeachment…or CIA Coup?

Impeachment…or CIA Coup?

You don’t need to be a supporter of President Trump to be concerned about the efforts to remove him from office. Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced impeachment proceedings against the President over a phone call made to the President of Ukraine. According...



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