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Jason Ditz

More Afghan Bounties Garbage

They admit they have no proof right in the big scary headlines: US intelligence indicates Iran paid bounties to Taliban for targeting American troops in Afghanistan Iran paid bounties for targeting US troops, intelligence reportedly suggests Since when do the Haqqanis...

11/1/19 Jason Ditz on Syria and Yemen

Jason Ditz talks about President Trump's announcement that he wants American oil companies to take control of the oil fields in eastern Syria, which, beyond the troubling legality of such a move, implies that the U.S. might have to leave troops in Syria indefinitely....

Marine Held for NK Embassy Break-In

Marine Held for NK Embassy Break-In

On FPF #341, I discuss a former Marine being held on an extradition request from Spain for stealing electronics from the North Korean embassy in Madrid. The break-in occurred in the days leading up to Trump's second summit with Kim Jong-un. While few details of the...

Trump’s Iran Hawks Are Nuts

Mike Pompeo: US will never accept Hezbollah presence in Lebanon. Jason Ditz: That's funny, they're part of the ruling coalition government the U.S. supports there.

News Roundup 11/6/18

Trump signs the Right to Try bill. [Link] Jason Ditz on Amazon moving into a closer relationship with the Pentagon. [Link] Gareth Porter explains how the New York Times misled readers on the importance of Russia linked Facebook accounts. [Link] Secretary of State...



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