A Coup in Bolivia

A Coup in Bolivia

On FPF #418, I discuss the events in Bolivia that led to Morales' resignation. Mainstream sources and groups claim Morales deserved to be removed from power after violating term limits and rigging a recent election. I explain the alternative narrative that Morales was...

America, F*ck Yeah!

CIA's former(?) "moderate" jihadist terrorists blast DoD's Kurdish YPG friends with U.S. TOW missile. https://twitter.com/CalibreObscura/status/1190711269197799425 You had better take your hat off and put it over your heart when we all sing government's special song...

News Roundup 5/9/19

A Florida city is attempting to seize the home of an elderly man who let his grass get too long while he was caring for his dying mother. [Link] The US lifts sanctions on a Venezuelan general who defected. [Link] A deputy of Juan Guaido was arrested by the Venezuelan...

Empire Failures guest Marko Marjanovic

Empire Failures guest Marko Marjanovic

Marko Marjanovic returns to FPF to talk about Venezuela and Syria. Kyle and Marko discuss how US regime change efforts in Venezuela have failed to topple Maduro. The US actions have hurt the Venezuelan people and increased Maduro's popularity. In Syria, Assad is...

Hilarious Hillary

She just can't help herself. Please remind me again about your own obstruction and deletion of 30,000 emails from your time as secretary of state. Tell me, were any of those regarding your "foundation"'s business with the Saudis while you were supporting their jihad...

News Roundup 11/1/18

The US intelligence budget increased 11.6% this year. [Link] The brother of the king of Saudi Arabia returns to Saudi Arabia. [Link] Turkey claims Jamal Khashoggi was stranged as soon as he entered the consulate. [Link] Republican Senators tell Trump to suspend...



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