News Roundup 8/9/21

News Roundup 8/9/21

US News Legendary reporter Mark Parry passes away. [Link] The Pentagon is failing to track and provide oversight for the mercenaries it hires. [Link] Two Myanmar nationals have been arrested in New York and are charged with plotting a hit on Myanmar’s ambassador to...

Iraq War II Reaches Maturity

Iraq War II Reaches Maturity

This month, the Iraq war—in which I served as a U.S. Marine more than a decade ago—turns 18. As a result, soon there will likely be service members deploying to Iraq who were born after the war began in 2003. When they arrive, they will find the conflict remains a...

News Roundup 8/9/21

News Roundup 1/8/21

US News Trump deleted the Tweets Twitter suspended him for and posted a video saying he would focus on a smooth transition. [Link] Nancy Pelosi calls on Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. [Link] Simon and Schuster announce they will not...

News Roundup 8/9/21

News Roundup 10/13/20

US News The White House is moving forward with three weapon sales to Taiwan. The sales of rocket launchers, air-to-ground missiles, and F-16 upgrades. The sale is increasing tensions with China. [Link] The US carried out airstrikes against the Taliban as the group...



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