Lessons from Fentanyl

Lessons from Fentanyl

The use of drugs is sometimes characterized as a victimless crime, since the person who ingests them will bear the negative consequences should something go awry. Supporters of prohibition, who wish for the government to regulate and limit sales and distribution, are...



Covid SCOTUS rejects an emergency appeal challenging the mask mandate on airplanes. [Link] Wisconsin will deploy over 200 National Guard soldiers to nursing homes over the next two months. [Link] The US gives seven million Pfizer covid vaccine doses to Bangladesh...


News Roundup 11/29/2021

US News Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial will begin this week. [Link] Actor Jussie Smollett’s trial for faking a hate crime against himself will begin this week. [Link] South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem successfully wins a court challenge to overturn marijuana legalization...


News Roundup 11/16/2021

US News Rep. Nancy Mace introduces a bill to legalize marijuana. [Link] The judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse case dismissed the weapons charge after the prosecutor agreed the rifle Rittenhouse carried was not short-barreled. Both sides concluded their closing arguments...



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