The True History of the Bill of Rights

The True History of the Bill of Rights

Today [December 15] is “Bill of Rights Day”—commemorating ratification on December 15, 1791. But what the government-run schools—and supporters of the monster state—“teach” about the Bill of Rights has almost nothing to do with the foundational principles which...

Resisting Tyranny, Colonial Style

Resisting Tyranny, Colonial Style

As the British put increased pressure on the American colonists in an effort to force them into submission, the colonists backed up their increasingly forceful rhetoric with concrete actions to undermine British authority. The colonists began perfecting this formula...

Marco Rubio is a Liar

Marco Rubio is a Liar

  Rubio believes terrorists hate us because of our freedom and because girls go to school. Two sources using Bin Laden’s own words will suffice for now, for more see "23 examples" by Keith Knight, Then the fighters realized that the gang in the White House could...

The Libertarian Party is Beating the Drums for Peace

For the people turning 21 this fall, America has been at war their entire lives. The Global War on Terror has reached its second generation of soldiers. Defense spending and the global presence of the U.S. military and armaments continue to proliferate. The...



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