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Why Wages Rise – Ludwig von Mises

Why Wages Rise – Ludwig von Mises

https://youtu.be/IfC6vPRCh4I The buyers do not pay for the toil and trouble the worker took nor for the length of time he spent in working. They pay for the products. The better the tools are which the worker uses in his job, the more he can perform in an hour, the...

Latest Speech

My speech at the Ron Paul Institute/Mises Institute event, on the greatness of Ron Paul and a little bit of my media history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yQgqsoAIXk

Lake Jackson Mises Institute Speech

This Saturday I'm doing an event in Lake Jackson with the heroic Ron Paul, Dan McAdams, Debra Medina, Jeff Deist and Lew Rockwell. It's called the "Symposium on New and Alternative Media with Ron Paul." See yall there.



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