This is Your Security Force

From the Free Thought Project: WATCH: Cops Violate Social Distancing to Arrest Innocent Dad for Playing in a Park with 6yo Daughter Brighton, CO — Over the weekend, Matt Mooney, his wife, and their 6-year-old daughter were playing t-ball at an empty park when a half...

Iran Counters UK Aggression

Iran Counters UK Aggression

On FPF #378, I discuss increasing tensions in the Persian Gulf as Iran seized a British ship in the Strait of Hormuz. Iran's action was in response to the UK taking an Iranian ship. The piracy is apart of the increasing tensions between the West and Iran piloted by...

Will Trump Sanction Turkey?

Will Trump Sanction Turkey?

I start FPF #375 with a huge announcement. Then, I discuss Turkey starting to receive the S-400 air defense system from Russia. Turkey is deploying the system near the Mediterranean Sea. The US has threatened to sanction Turkey for buying the S-400. We are now waiting...

Blame Iran

Blame Iran

On FPF #362, I discuss how Iran is being blamed for the attack on two cargo ships in the Gulf of Oman. There are still many actors who may have had the incentive to attack the ships, and no one who is accusing Iran of carrying out the attack has presented any evidence...

Blame Iran

China, Taiwan, & America

On FPF #337, I discuss news in the relationship between the US and China. Taiwan has become a more source of more tension as the US has increased ties with Taiwan. The US is also putting more pressure on the Chinese company Huawei. Tump's nominee for Defense Secretary...

Another Failed Coup

Bernard at MoonofAlabama seems to agree with my speculation, as I told Dave Smith yesterday, that perhaps Maduro had his defense minister, chief judge and head of the presidential police pretend to change sides just to lure Guaido and Trump-Pompeo-Bolton into...

FPF #273 – US Plans in Syria

On FPF #273, I discuss the US policy in Syria. US envoy to the Syrian conflict James Jeffery recently gave a press conference on the US goals. I explain the myths the US government believes in that leads to unrealistic goals.  Links Immersion News James...

FPF #173 – Kicking the Russians Out

On FPF #173, I discuss the US expelling 60 Russian diplomats. Several other countries also expelled Russian diplomats in response to an alleged Russian nerve agent attack in the UK. I look at the evidence behind the allegations and respond to US Ambassador to Russia...



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