Happy April Glaspie Day!

Thank you, Julian Assange: SADDAM'S MESSAGE OF FRIENDSHIP TO PRESIDENT BUSH Date:1990 July 25, 12:46 (Wednesday) Canonical ID:90BAGHDAD4237_a Original Classification:SECRET Current Classification:SECRET Handling Restrictions-- Not Assigned -- Character Count:13633...

News Roundup 6/14/19

US News Black drivers in Missouri are 91% more likely to be pulled over than white drivers. [Link] A new law will require some Alabama sex offenders to be medically castrated before getting parole. [Link] All criminal charges have been dropped against Flint officials...

The Syrian Smokescreen

The Syrian Smokescreen

In recent weeks, Trump announced the “withdrawal” of U.S. forces from Syria, as well as the withdrawal of 7,000 troops from Afghanistan. Although Trump had in the past taken actions against the Syrian state, for instance launching Tomahawks at the Shayrat Airbase in...

News Roundup 11/19/18

A must read article by Gareth Porter on the Permanent War Complex. [Link] The Pentagon fails its first-ever audit. [Link] A third journalist has been killed this month in Mexico. [Link] Max Blumenthal explains that US-backed Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are training Ameican...

FPF #181 – Trump Attacks Assad

On FPF #181, Will Porter joins the show to discuss Trump ordering an attack on the Syrian government. Will and I breakdown speeches by Trump, Secretary of Defense Mattis, Pentagon spokesperson Dana White, and General McKenzie to explain the attack and give our...



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