News Roundup 1/29/21

News Roundup 1/29/21

US News Biden expresses his intent to keep the Jones Act in place. The law prevents foreign ships from picking up and delivering goods between American ports. The law harms the Hawaiian and Puerto Rican economies. [Link] The US sent three warships into the Black Sea....

Testing Positive for COVID-Bootlicking

Testing Positive for COVID-Bootlicking

The COVID pandemic has shown how easy it is to make people hate anyone who is not as frightened as themselves. Since last March, politicians and health officials have fanned fears to commandeer far more control over Americans’ daily lives. And millions of Americans...

Andrew Cockburn: Blips On The Screen

What is the point of having this superb military if you can't use it? The record of this year’s wars shows that although these weapons may not provide a decisive edge in combat they excel in self-advertisement, projecting an image of all-seeing omnipotence. Drones...

Kamala Harris Says ‘We All End Up in the Same Place’

Recently Kamala Harris tweeted a video where she's talking nonsense about "equity" and "equality" -- pandering to the left's progressives -- which ends with her saying, “equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place." End up at the same place. Well, it's...

This Is Your Security Force

From the Free Thought Project: WATCH: School Cops Handcuff Mentally Disabled 8yo Boy, Bring Him to Adult Prison for Misbehaving WATCH: Incompetent Cop Tasers Fellow Officer Causing Him to Shoot Unarmed Man Residents Outraged After Cops Open Fire on 5 Children, Ages...



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