Is Israel Guilty of War Crimes in Lebanon?

Is Israel Guilty of War Crimes in Lebanon?

The Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon was the brutal murder of many Palestinians committed by a Christian group (that Israel was allied with).  Is Israel responsible? Some blame Ariel Sharon, Israel’s Defense Secretary at the time, because he was directly...

Why’d the US Gaza Coup War Fail?

Why’d the US Gaza Coup War Fail?

Hamas is a thorn in the side of Israel.  To get rid of their control over the Gaza Strip, America sponsored a coup, arming a different Palestinian faction. But Hamas is still in control of the Gaza Strip.  How did the plan go awry? Get the truth in our brand new...

Israel Annexed the West Bank 52 Years Ago

No more pretending they will ever allow Palestinian independence. So, see, Israel is simply a totalitarian apartheid state, like Texas in 1952, only in this case the oppressed are not a small minority but half the population.

All Libertarians Oppose Zionism

Because it's nothing but fascism. 'You threw a stone.' Video shows armed Israeli soldiers forcibly seizing 9-year-old Palestinian boy in his school— CNN (@CNN) April 1, 2019 Story here.

What a World

Man: Equal rights for Palestinians! Zionists: Obvious code for genocide! CNN: Pack your shit and get out.

Antiwar Radio

This morning on Antiwar Radio: Alice Speri on Israel's merciless oppression of the Palestinians 8:30 Pacific, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles;

Israeli Peace Activist Uri Avnery Dead at 94

This is a terrible loss. Avnery was a good man and an essential historian of Israel's persecution of the Palestinians. He fought in the 1948 war and then immediately turned to spend the rest of his life pushing for independence for the Palestinians and peace. There...



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