Haaretz: Israeli cops thought the Palestinian shepherd stole a car. So they shot him in the head In the dead of night, Border Police stopped a car carrying three young Palestinians and without a word shot one of them in the head, point blank. Now he may lose his...

Commissar Weiss Quits the Times

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton remind us that Bari Weiss made her entire career trying to silence Palestinians and those who care about them. However, they suspect that she only quit to drum up publicity for her next big project which will surely be about how the only...


If this ain't the sickest goddam thing. This is what happens to the money the government takes out of your paycheck -- if you're still getting one at all -- they buy M-16s to give Israelis to murder retarded kids with as they steal their land. "They killed him like he...



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