My Testimony Before the Maine State Senate

In support of Ld 1054, Defend the Guard legislation: Thank you all so much for the opportunity to testify before your committee today. Today is the 20th anniversary of the beginning of Iraq War II. The consensus now is that we should not have done it. Iraq was not...

Cowards in Congress: COI #341

Cowards in Congress: COI #341

On COI #341, Kyle Anzalone discusses Congressional Progressives pulling a letter that called for Joe Biden to engage in talk.   Odysee Rumble  Donate LBRY Credits bTTEiLoteVdMbLS7YqDVSZyjEY1eMgW7CP Donate Bitcoin 36PP4kT28jjUZcL44dXDonFwrVVDHntsrk Donate Bitcoin...

Military Conscription is Slavery

Military Conscription is Slavery

Anytime a sane person mentions the reality that military conscription is forced labor under vile conditions and therefore slavery, the person is almost always met with "but soldiers got paid." The bizarre response comes from the term "free labor" and the assumptions...

What Has Government Done to Our Universities?

What Has Government Done to Our Universities?

Joe Biden has stoked more fire into the debate over higher education. The president unveiled a plan to forgive $10,000 of student debt for those making $125,000 a year or less, or $20,000 if that borrower was a recipient of a Pell Grant. While one can argue about the...



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