Who Owns The US Government? Hint, Not The American People

President Trump doubled as chief dealmaker on Tuesday. “We're going to be signing a document today, very large transaction,” said Trump. “It’s a transaction that will be purchasing a lot of Boeing jets, that means a lot of jobs,” he added without elaborating....

Peace Talks

Peace Talks

On FPF #317, I discuss Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un and US talks with the Taliban. The meeting with Kim ended early and without a peace agreement. Trump said the talks were positive. In Qatar, US officials are meeting with Taliban leadership. The talks will be...

News Roundup 6/6/18

The US government estimates Medicare will be insolvent by 2026. [Link] A report claims that National Security Advisor John Bolton was barred from attending the meeting between Trump and Kim Yong Chol by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. [Link] Bowe Bergdahl will not...

News Roundup 4/11/18

3,000 Google employees sign an open letter addressed to the company arguing Google should not contract with the Pentagon. [Link] A video of Ahed Tamimi's interrogations has been released. The video show's the Israeli interrogators threatening Ahed's friend and family...



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