COI #206: Libya’s Election Called Off

COI #206: Libya’s Election Called Off

On COI #206, Kyle Anzalone breaks down recent developments in Libya. The election - planned for December 24th - has been called off. The Western states say they will still recognize the interim government. However, the government will likely face increasing legitimacy...

Cop Kills Man

This one is just some random guy who pulls around a cop car that stopped in the street. As Matt Agorist writes, "Rogers drove around the officer just like anyone would do, thinking cops were stopping someone else." Dead. Murdered. https://youtu.be/bDCJQEszwT4

Pretending Biden is Live

Update: Okay, I guess this part is separate and different: https://youtu.be/3TFqeMSsTx0 They pitched this as a live event. How do they know it's going to be 34:23 long then? https://joebiden.com/live/ https://youtu.be/JfBVHeZkVFs

How Can We Live Like This?

I'm sure in their neighborhood it's always been this way, but that just makes it that much worse. How would you feel if they did this to your little boy? How could you care about them any less? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEUUyYi2kUI



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