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Mangy Old Cathy Young

This will probably have to be cut from the book for space, but I would hate to deprive you good people of more reason to despise the worst writer at Reason. She's so gross: It is no surprise though. In December 2001 Young ridiculed what she called the “canard” that...

U.S. Out of Africa Now!

U.S. Out of Africa Now!

On October 26, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) forced a debate and vote on the U.S. military presence in Niger. The Senate overwhelmingly voted to keep our troops in that troubled country. There has been an increased focus on Africa due to widespread instability and a...

Lethal Drones at the U.S.-Mexico Border?

Lethal Drones at the U.S.-Mexico Border?

Fentanyl has caused many overdose deaths in recent years, and much of it has entered the United States through Mexico. A number of politicians have thrown their support behind a proposal to officially label narcotics traffickers based in Mexico as “terrorists." Not...



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