The Most Powerful Social Influence

The Most Powerful Social Influence ... an opposition or revolutionary movement, or indeed any mass movement from below, cannot be primarily guided by ordinary economic motives. For such a mass movement to form, the masses must be fired up, must be aroused to a rare and...

The Libertarian Presidential Candidate We Need

Keith Preston at Attack The System wants a candidate that might actually be a libertarian.  He argues they need to run on a platform of ending the federal government for real. Not “enforcing the Tenth Amendment, ” not “going back to the Constitution,” not “reducing...

Trump Names the IRGC ‘Terrorists’

Trump Names the IRGC ‘Terrorists’

On FPF #334, I discuss the Trump admin naming Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terror organization. I explain the false arguments used by the Trump admin to claim the IRGC supports terror groups. The move makes a conflict with Iran more likely.  Links Eric...

Israel First

Netanyahu says Trump labeled Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terror group at his request. I believe him.

If The US Used Arbitration Instead Of War

I previously discussed why I believe that the American revolution is only half-complete.  In my opinion, a government consistent with the principles and premises of the American revolution would not have the constitutional right to go to war.  Such a government would...

The Jefferson Nobody Knows

Following up on his successful and highly regarded James Madison and the Making of America (St. Martin’s, 2012), Kevin Gutzman has returned with a fresh look at Jefferson in Thomas Jefferson, Revolutionary: A Radical’s Struggle to Remake America. It could well have...



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