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Rex Tillerson

News Roundup 1/19/18

It could have been Ron Paul. [Link] The Pentagon looks to change policy to make it an option to respond with nuclear weapons to a cyber attack. [Link] The House spending bill will change rules allow the White House to secretly move funds within the intelligence...

News Roundup 1/17/18

Two Navy ship commanders have been charged with negligent homicide. [Link] Kelley Vlahos explains how neoconservatives are taking over Trump's White House. [Link] The US will withhold $65 million from a UN Palestinian Refugee Agency. [Link] Japan issues a false alert...

News Roundup 12/1/17

Illinois detective tells kids they were being detained because they are white. [Link] The White House starts a rumor that Rex Tillerson may soon be fired. [Link] Moon of Alabama looks at the hypocritical US policy against Russian media. [Link] RT loses press...

News Roundup 11/30/17

The US estimates the economy grew at 3.3% in the third quarter. [Link] Philando Castile's girlfriend settles a lawsuit with two cities for $800,000. [Link] Hawaii orders medical marijuana users to voluntarily surrender their firearms. [Link] The FBI attempted to...

News Roundup 10/24/17

Marcy Wheeler reports on Congress's attempt to expand spying on Americans. [Link] Two NYPD officers raped a teenager. The officers have now claimed that the 18-year-old consented to sex after they arrested her. [Link] 70% of Americans believe the nuclear agreement...



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Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty

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